It was a beautiful day just like any other in Hawaii
But this day was special !!!!
There was a rumbling going on in mother earth. Something was up!!!!!
All of a sudden a loud explosion
Broke the stillness.....
From the volcano came showers of lava and rock falling all over the land.

One day many years later, as I wandered thru life I came upon these rocks born of the islands .
These rocks spoke to me of a chance to make people smile and to spread the aloha, one aloha rock at a time .....

The Rock Shelter: the Ohana
Please visit our rock shelter today
And take home a aloha rock
 to love.....

Each rock has had all shots and
Is neutered or spayed before leaving the shelter.

Our aloha rocks have gone thru rock training
With the famous rock whisperer....
And they are ready to become a rock solid part of your life, always there for you.... They will never let you down.

They are good with family's,love children,couples or singles. Get one for an elderly person in need of companionship. They do not need a lot of care and attention.and we know that you will grow to love your aloha rock and it will become a part of your ohana.

 Our aloha rocks have a very,very long life expectancy, and will be here way after we are gone so they can bring joy for generations to come.

 Names are very personal and so you can name your aloha rock as you see fit, because each will have a unique personality of it's own.

We have aloha rocks,ready to be loved,and to hang out together!

 We care about your aloha rock and how it is doing where it has been and so please share the aloha, send stories and photos even if it only sits on your desk , and makes you smile.
    My aloha rock makes me smile each time I see him....

    Remember...... ALOHA ROCKS !!!!!!!!


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